Ultrasonic sensors are our passion.

di-soric SNT AG is a subsidiary of di-soric

Our markets

  • Machine manufacturing
  • Packaging machines
  • Factory automation (assembling machines, robots)
  • Process control (chemistry, food, construction)
  • Door automation
  • Person and animal detection
  • Vehicle detection
  • ... and much more

Our strenghts

  • Lean, flexible, efficient organization
  • Rugged sensors with high sensitivity
  • Know-how - in-house production of ultrasonic transducers
  • Well established Swiss quality worldwide for over 20 years
  • Standard product range as well as customized solutions
  • short delivery time

UPR Series

The ultrasonic sensors of the UPR series are characterized by their short design. And they still have large measuring ranges of up to 6m and a rubust metal housing. The sensors are available as proximity switches or with analog output. Certain models are equipped with IO-Link. Suitable applications are the object detection as well as the measurement of levels with material of any kind. The switching distance or the measuring range can be programmed by means of teach or via IO-Link.
UPS Miniature

UPS Miniature

The world's smallest ultrasonic sensors
UPX Basic Line

UPX Basic Line

Compact proximity switches for 60-500mm in popular 'R'-shape housing
UPR Medium Line

UPR Medium Line

High quality ultrasonic sensors with great value
UPK High Line

UPK High Line

High sensitive ultrasonic distance and proximity sensors up to >5m (15ft)
Chemical resistant sensors

Chemical resistant sensors and ATEX

Special sensors
UPB Through Beam

UPB Through Beam

High performance ultrasonic through beam sensor up to 2500mm (200Hz)


IO-Link Master
Deflection heads for ultrasonic sensors
UPF Fork Sensors

UPF Fork Sensors

Ultrasonic fork sensors for web guide and edge control

Ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic sensors are mainly used in machine manufacturing and process control for distance measurement, as proximity switch or for room supervision.


The proximity type sensors work after the principle of time of flight measurement of sound. The time of flight in air (forth and back) is approx. 6ms per meter. The new innovative ultrasonic fork sensors however work after the principle of sound amplitude evaluation.


Compared to other measuring principles ultrasound is very robust. It passes dirty environment as well, and it is reflected by almost all surfaces. Thus it is independent of material, colour and surface structure of the target to be detected.


On the right one sees the remarkable influence of ultrasonic frequency on the sensor characteristics.

sonic lobe at 100kHz
sonic lobe at 200kHz
sonic lobe at 300kHz

Why ultrasound?

  • Independent of material, surface, colour, size
  • Works under dust, dirt, fog, bright light
  • Detects transparent and shining objects
  • Wide measuring ranges from few mm up to >5m

Limits of ultrasonic sensors

  • Relatively slow (switching speed approx. 1...25Hz)
  • Exception: Ultrasonic barrier (>200Hz)
  • Resolution approx. 0.5...2mm (due to wave lenght of sound)
  • Works only in air
  • Have problems with very hot or very cold targets
FEM model of an ultrasonic transducer

About Us

SNT Sensortechnik AG is a pioneer in the field of ultrasonic sensors for distance measurement. The SONARANGE ultrasonic transducers are developed and manufactured in house.

di-soric SNT AG has been the Swiss subsidiary of the di-soric Group since 2018.


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