UPR-A Versions: – axial direction – radial direction – ATEX 2/22 – resistant against chemicals – V4A stainless steel


The UPR series from SNT Sensortechnik AG is probably one of the longest built ultrasonic sensor families. It has been produced for more than 20 years and more and more variants have been introduced to the market. Its reliability is still legendary. The production costs, the precision and usability, however, were no longer at the state of the art. For this reason, the new series UPR-A and UPR-B have recently been developed and introduced as successor models.

The data sheets:



The old UPR sensors are no longer manufactured. This applies to the UPR 1002, UPR 1003, UPR 1004 and UPR 1503 series. This list shows which new types replace the old ones.

UPR-B: – short – very well priced – optionally with synchronization


UPR-B: – with cable instead of connector – with potentiometer instead of Teach-In