In recent years, most industrial sensors have been equipped with a so-called teach-in mode. The teach-in process is carried out either by means of a button or an electrical input. The main advantage is the more precise distance setting of the switching point.
However, not all users in practice got along with this technology. For example, in simple fill level monitoring, it is easier to set the empty or full level with a screwdriver at the rotary knob. One can then get a feel for the adjustment and gets feedback.

SNT Sensortechnik AG therefore offers the brand new, low budget ultrasonic sensors of the UPR-B series as a variant with potentiometer setting. The 3-turn potentiometer is on the back of the sensor. It is made of metal and therefore very robust. A suitable screwdriver is included. The sensor has an integrated 2m long cable.

The ultrasonic sensors of the UPR-B series are characterized by low price and a short design. Nevertheless, they have a wide range from 0.1 to 1m as well as a robust metal housing. The sensor is available as a proximity switch with either PNP or NPN output. Suitable applications include object as well as level detection of all kinds of material. Thanks to the new transducer sealing the UPR-B sensors are very robust against many environmental influences. In particular, they are oil resistant, unlike many other ultrasonic sensors.