UPR-A Series

Programmable ultrasonic distance and proximity sensors



Measuring distances from 120mm to 1500mm


Analogue or binary output


Configurable beam size




To be configured as scanner or retroreflective  barrier


Watertight, IP67, oil resistant, robust


Measurement independent of material, surface, colour and size of target


Work under dust, dirt, fog, bright light


Detect transparent and bright objects
















The compact ultrasonic sensors of the UPR-A series are characterized by a wide range of max. 1.5m Furthermore they are configurable by the user. Thanks to three different sized detection lobes, the sensor can be adapted locally to the application.

The sensor is available as pure proximity switch as well as a distance sensor with analogue output. Suitable applications include object detection as well as distance and level measurement.

The switching and analogue outputs can be teached by the user (rising/falling or NC/NO or window). The binary type is also programmable as a reflective barrier. This is useful when badly to detect objects stay in front of a background. The analogue sensor automatically detects the connected load and exists accordingly mA or V. Programming is done using a single teach input. Optionally a tech-in box is available.

Thanks to a new transducer sealing the UPR-A sensors are very robust against many environmental influences. In particular they are oil resistant, unlike many other ultrasonic sensors.


Cross reference list old UPR vs. new UPR-A sensors



UPR-A Series Ex

Version for zone ATEX 22


Aufzählung based on UPR-A Series
Aufzählung with mechanical reinforcements on the front and connector side
Aufzählung approved for zone ATEX 2 and 22
Aufzählung Ex tc IIIC T60°C Dc 0°C ≤ Ta ≤ +60°C
Aufzählung Ex nA IIC T6 Gc 0°C ≤ Ta ≤ +60°C






UPR-A CP Series

Ultrasonic distance and proximity sensors resistant against chemicals (PVDF/PTFE housings)


Aufzählung based on UPR-A series
Aufzählung CP means “Chemical Protection”
Aufzählung resistant against most chemicals such as acids and alkalis
Aufzählung front part made of PVDF
Aufzählung Membrane protected with PTFE foilt
Aufzählung for level measurement and control of aggressive media






The UPR CP series sensors are specially designed for use in a chemically harsh environment. The high resistance is based on PVDF or PTFE material. A typical application is the level measurement of acids and alkalis in smaller containers. The basic sensor is a model UPR-A 1500. The front part exposed to the medium is made of PVDF. The outstanding feature is the ultrasonic transducer which is PTFE foil covered allowing the ultrasonic waves to pass.

The technical data correspond to those of the UPR-A sensors.


Chemical resistance list for sensor materials