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SNT Flyer 2015

Multichannel ultrasonic distance alarm system



New ultrasonic sensors for ATEX zones 2 and 22

New ultrasonic fork sensor for label detection

UPR-A flyer

Successful ISO9001 certification

Prevent flooding with ultrasonic sensors

Level measurement with FocusBEAM ultrasonic sensor



New ultrasonic sensor in public toilets

Ultrasonic sensors with teach-in

Mini Flyer "Ultrasonic sensors are our passion."

UPK ultrasonic sensors are the most compact for long distances

New presentation "Ultrasonic Sensors"

New ultrasonic catalogue: as FlipBook



Ultrasonic catalogue: Here comes our new overview brochure!

New programmable ultrasonic sensors

New ultrasonic fork sensor with binary output

Change of scene: We moved

Ultrasonic sensors for monitoring barriers: Application report

Oilresistant ultrasonic sensors

SNT Sensortechnik AG on SINDEX show 2012 in Bern

Ultrasonic sensors in the food industry: Application report

Ultrasound in the animal world



Measuring roll diameter with ultrasonic sensor: Application report

Ultrasonic sensors in road and tunnel construction: Application report

65'000h endurance test with ultrasonic sensors

Ultrasonic sensors detect pallets: Application report

Ultrasonic sensors assist in packing of fresh flowers: Application report

Ultrasonic sensors for wood chip level control: Application report

Our web site available now in 52 languages by just one mouse click! Thanks to Google translator

SNT Sensortechnik AG: Blog on facebook

UPF ultrasonic sensors for quality testing of fleece: Application report

Customized ultrasonic level sensors with 3 binary outputs for level control



UPK ultrasonic sensors used in vegatable cleaning process:Application report

UPF ultrasonic fork sensors used in production of photovoltaic foils: Application report

Ultrasonic fork sensors with binary output: UPF-A sensors with PNP output

When optrical fork sensors fail: Flyer UPF-A

UPF-A teach-in series: New family of teachable ultrasonic fork sensors for web guide and edge control


before 2010

Improved and unified UPR series: Oil resistant thanky to Viton® sealing

Oil resistant thanks to Viton® sealing, ATEX 22: Improved UPX and UPB series

Web Log: As from now on SNT is blogging technically and culinary

Folleto español: The new SNT flyer is available in spanish. El nuevo folleto SNT se encuentra disponible en español.

UPS FOCUS Beam: Level measurement in cavities with only 4mm diameter

Folio francophone: The new SNT flyer is available in french. Le nouveau folio SNT en langue française est disponible

UPF-A family supplemented with 30mm fork sensor: Compact ultrasonic fork sensor in all new "advanced" version

UPY Series: Non-contact ultrasonic switch for door automation, NEW: complete system at lower price

NEWS 2008: Tailored ultrasonic sensors

UPF-A Series: Ultrasonic fork barrier for web guide and edge control

UPS FB and CP Series: Special miniature ultrasonic distance and proximity sensors

UPS Series: Miniature sensors in M12 housing with narrow detection beam