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Improved and unified UPR series

Oil resistant thanks to Viton sealing




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Oil resistant

Thanks to the new transducer sealing made of Viton the UPR sensors are very robust against many environmental influences. In particular, they are oil resistant, unlike many other ultrasonic sensors. The black annular seal between the white transducer and the sensor housing is used for acoustic decoupling. Thus it must be of elastic material. SNT Sensortechnik AG is now able to offer this sealing in very resistant Viton material.




In the context of product rework all old types of the UPR series are now built in UPR 1003 version. This means a reduction in the variety of models and in addition all UPR sensors will have full background suppression.


These improvements are now starting to flow into the production of all UPR sensors. There are no additional costs for the customer.


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