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UPF-A Series

Ultrasonic fork barrier for web guide and edge control


Data sheet PDF:
  • Ultrasonic fork barrier with analogue output 0...10V

  • The analogue signal is a function of lateral covering

  • For edge control and web guidance systems

  • For transparent foils

  • For contaminated air

  • High accuracy and temperature stability

  • Fork width 40mm (no plane change influence within 26mm!)

  • 285Hz sampling rate

  • High measuring width 13mm

  • Swiss made



The edge sensor type UPF-A is based on the experience of SNT Sensortechnik AG with ultrasonic through beam sensors. New software algorhythms and a unique SONARANGE ultrasonic transducer material allow an accuracy and temperature stability so far only realized with optical systems. But the ultrasonic fork barrier is much less sensitive to dirt and dust compared to optical sensors. Further more transparent materials such as foils can be perfectly handled. The so called plane change error has been minimized to almost zero within 26mm plane change. Together with the high sampling speed of the sensor this means that fast moving and thus fluttering webs are well aligned.


The UPF-A is an ultrasonic through beam sensor with separated transmitter and receiver. In contrast to conventional barriers it does not offer a simple on/off output signal, but it measures the degree of covering of the ultrasonic receiver as a linear analogue output signal. If the receiver is fully covered, the output is 0V and if not covered at all 10V. With its large measuring range of 13mm it is the perfect tool for web guiding applications in dusty environment and with transparent web material. This new sensor can be used in packaging industry for web guiding control. But many other applications are open to this product, such as edge detection for many materials.



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