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UPS FB und CP Series

Special miniature ultrasonic distance and proximity sensors




UPS 150 FB ...

Sensor with particularly small detection beam for narrow conditions


UPS 150 CP ...

Sensor in chemically resistant version for aggressive environment


Data sheet PDF:
UPS Special


UPS 150 FB ...

The ultrasonic sensors series UPS FB (FOCUS Beam) are equipped with a focusing device made of glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene, which makes the sound beam particularly narrow. Therefore they are suitable in the near range up to 150mm to watch into narrow cavities. A typical application is measuring of liquid level in small tubes or containers.

Typical application:


Level measurement in test tubes.


Depending on the distance between sensor and tube and depending on the tube length as well, level measurement in smallest cavities with diameters so small as 6mm is enabled.


UPS 150 CP ...

The diaphragm of the series UPS 150 CP (Chemical Protection) is coated with a thin PTFE foil. The head made of chemically resistant PVDF serves as mechanical fixation for the foil and protection of the sensor front part. Thus the front part of the ultrasonic sensor becomes resistant to most chemicals.






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